Have these questions ever crossed your mind, what the future of energy would look like? Or how safe it will be? These questions have racked the heads of many scientists and governments. Having answers to these questions will mean a ‘better world’.

Fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas have supplied the world with 80 percent of its energy needs. They are also the primary source of greenhouse gases. Most scientists broadly agree that curtailing our use of fossil fuels would have significant benefits – like improving health and reducing the number and severity of natural disasters.  

Scientists still battle coming up with new ways of generating clean, renewable energy.

There is nothing better than been able to power homes and businesses without having to sacrifice the eco-system. Taking a look around us, there is a possibility of generating electricity that is safe, clean and renewable – that is the sun. Engineers are currently looking for measures that will utilize the light and heat from the sun more effectively. When all of the research and the experiments have reached its climax, power supply would have improved significantly. It will get to a point where every house will stand alone in terms of electricity.

            Speaking of cost and accessibility, solar equipment in the nearest future will be manufactured more, cost lesser and will be, probably, the most affordable means of electricity supply. Then, even the average person would be able to afford one. It will also be reliable; in the sense that there wouldn’t be outages at times you really need power. You will have sole control of your power supply. One issue we have faced over the years, is that of unwanted power outages and that as well will be a thing of the past.

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